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Are you leveraging programmatic creative strategies to drive more conversions and revenue for your brand? Today’s digital advertising environment is oversaturated and highly competitive. It’s more important than ever to work smarter to ensure your ads are seen by the right consumers.

One powerful solution is to leverage creative and impactful ad units supported by programmatic capabilities to reach highly targeted audiences.

In this article, explore five programmatic creative strategies to overcome ad fatigue, stand out against your competitors, and make a lasting impression with shoppers:

  1. Personalize
  2. Customize
  3. Optimize for mobile
  4. A/B test
  5. Refresh

1. Personalize

According to ROI’s State of Digital Marketing Survey, ecommerce personalization is the #2 biggest trend for marketing professionals right now.

82% of brands that make over $1 billion in annual revenue say that personalization is top-of-mind.

Leveraging dynamic creative to target your audience on a broader scale can help you drive higher conversion rates. As the ecommerce landscape becomes increasingly competitive, personalized marketing is surging as a key way to increase customer acquisition and retention.

Incorporating personalization into your programmatic creative strategies will help you drive more conversions by:

  • Tailoring messages and promotions directly to customers’ needs
  • Providing highly relevant recommendations to shoppers
  • Increasing shoppers’ likelihood to recommend, buy from, and become repeat customers of your brand

Because programmatic allows you to reach highly targeted audiences, the opportunity for personalization can deliver great profits to your brand. Personalization is crucial to stand out from your competition among your target audiences.

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As Google prepares to deprecate third-party cookies on Chrome, targeting relevant audiences with personalized ads will become more of a challenge. To navigate the uncertainty, peruse our resources on programmatic and cookieless advertising:

2. Customize

Incorporating HTML5 functionality and utilizing rich media units such as Shoppable ads can drive more engagement and generate heightened interest for your brand.

HTML5 ads use HTML5 files created in Google Web Designer to create attention-catching, interactive ads. With HTML5, you can create a customized, dynamic experience and convey more information while displaying multiple products or services. You can incorporate scrolling content, social widgets, expandables, and more.

These types of units are a much more effective use of programmatic creative strategy than a single-frame static ad. HTML5 ads can also help cut down on costs, as they are considered display banners regardless of whether a video is incorporated.

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Look to partner with an agency or DSP that can assist in the development of interactive ad units. This will save your internal team time while expanding on the types of ad units you are able to go to market with.

3. Optimize for Mobile

A major benefit of mobile programmatic advertising is that it allows you to reach customers in a way that integrates seamlessly with their life. On average, US adults spend 4 hours and 30 minutes daily on mobile devices. Ensure your ads are responsive in nature, allowing for a seamless cross-device experience. Developing dynamic mobile ads can help you outperform your competition.

Mobile accounts for over $7 out of every $10 spent on programmatic advertising. With so many programmatic ads appearing on mobile, these ads need to be mobile-optimized. Users expect the ads they see to be clean and accurate. Having ads that don’t appear correctly or in an aesthetically pleasing way on mobile can quickly drive customers away from your brand by giving the impression that your brand isn’t trustworthy.

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Leveraging responsive ads in your mobile programmatic creative strategies will help ensure you’re showing the most optimized ads possible to your target audience. Responsive ads automatically resize to fit the size of the screen the shopper is using.

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4. A/B Test

Consumers have varying interests and behaviors as they go about their day. They will not all respond the same way to the same ad types or formats. Test different creative messages, sizes, ad units, and CTAs so that you can truly measure performance and optimize accordingly.

Programmatic advertising already gives your brand the opportunity to provide hyper-relevant ads to your target audience (in real-time!). If you A/B test the ads that you use for programmatic before uploading them to The Trade Desk or any other programmatic buying platform, then you’ll be set up to profit even more from your programmatic creative strategies. To A/B test your ads within a programmatic environment, the ads need to be uploaded within The Trade Desk or the DSP platform you’re using.

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One obstacle that some brands encounter with A/B testing is running tests that have actionable results. In fact, just 12-15% of A/B tests have a winning result on average. But at ROI, our A/B test win rate is around triple that at 42%! To see how our dedicated conversion rate optimization experts can uncover profitable growth for your brand, reach out to our team today!

5. Refresh

Even fantastic ad creative gets stale after it has been in-market for a while. This can lead to oversaturation and a lower response rate, as consumers grow tired of being exposed to the same message over and over again.

Set a goal to update your creative every few months to give your target audience and returning shoppers something new to look at and get excited about.

Other ways to avoid ad fatigue include setting up a frequency cap and/or leveraging multiple ad sizes and formats. You can also expand your targeting pool by adding new audiences to your marketing campaign.

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Consider using lookalike audiences. Lookalike targeting allows you to reach shoppers that have similar online behaviors and interests to those who have already engaged with your brand. Utilizing this programmatic creative strategy will allow you to extend your overall reach by getting your message in front of a new, highly qualified audience.

Programmatic Creative Strategies: Tying It All Together

Using creativity to inspire your audience will help supercharge your ad profitability – and programmatic advertising is a key part of this. Once you understand what your audience needs from your brand to connect emotionally, programmatic will guide you in taking that next step by enabling you to reach the right shoppers with the right message at the right time.

At ROI Revolution, we deliver smart, efficient solutions that drive results at every stage of the user journey. Our team of programmatic experts are dedicated to helping brands like yours exceed your goals and reach your audience at scale through programmatic creative strategies. To uncover how we can help your brand grow through programmatic advertising, reach out to our programmatic experts today!