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Over 50% of small businesses don’t have an existing SEO strategy, and 22% don’t have plans to implement one this year. That reality could mean that if you outsource SEO to a team of dedicated experts, you can claim the spotlight above your competitors.

When you choose to outsource SEO to an expert digital marketing agency like ROI Revolution, you don’t only set up your business for long-term success – you also take advantage of what others in your industry may not be doing already. Rather than following the crowd, you’re one step ahead of others who haven’t yet recognized the value of outsourcing SEO.

Imagine the experienced SEO experts at ROI Revolution as companions on your quest for success. We’ll become an integral part of your team, dedicated to learning about your business and internal needs.

With our guidance and expertise, you’ll receive a powerful organic growth strategy. You can rest assured that your performance will be closely monitored, and you’ll receive detailed performance reports as we execute your strategy.

Together, you and our team will conquer challenges and achieve greatness.

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Focus on What’s Important to You While We’re in the Weeds

At ROI Revolution, our job is to make your daily role easier. That is one of the main reasons why we encourage businesses to outsource SEO with us.

You can stay focused on your internal business priorities while we dive into the intricacies of content creation, link optimization, and technical SEO.

You’ll get a goal-oriented SEO strategy that’s both attainable and sustainable based on our direct collaboration with your team. You’ll meet, and even exceed, your monthly and year-over-year metrics. Every month, you’ll receive impactful projects as well as performance analysis and reports with continuous communication about your progress.

Staying Educated

You’re likely well aware that the wonderful yet complex world of SEO is always evolving. At ROI Revolution, we recognize the importance of staying ahead, and that’s why our team of SEO experts dedicates time each month for continued SEO education.

Our experts stay on top of Google’s updates and new preferences as they happen, ensuring that we always carry out SEO best practices for our clients. To maintain our expertise, we immerse ourselves in a variety of educational resources.

From reading articles written by well-regarded industry experts and attending digital marketing conferences to participating in regular team meetings where we share what we’ve learned, the SEOs at ROI Revolution are always keeping up with the latest and most important news.

By harnessing the power of collective learning, we equip ourselves with the tools to empower your success over your competitors. When you outsource SEO with ROI Revolution, you’ll benefit from the most up-to-date and relevant SEO strategies.

Monitoring, Testing, & Reprioritizing

We already alluded to the point that SEO is anything but stagnant, which makes it imperative that you have specialists on your side who vigilantly monitor, test, and reprioritize within the confines of an existing strategy.

But knowing how to analyze data and digest what you’re seeing is just one piece of the puzzle.

Whether it’s addressing keyword ranking declines or fixing broken URLs, our experts excel at adapting and changing course when anything needs to be addressed to retain your hard-earned organic equity. We also regularly perform tests to evaluate whether light-lift changes can lead to significant gains.

Collaborating Cohesively

The focus of this article is on SEO, but ROI Revolution also provides several other essential digital marketing services that empower you to make a lasting impact with a holistic strategy.

From Amazon advertising and paid search to social media advertising and more, we create and execute full-funnel, omnichannel strategies that are designed to ensure your business gets noticed by customers wherever they are.

Behind the scenes, our SEO professionals regularly collaborate with channel experts on other teams within our agency to ensure your strategies are always cohesive, impactful, and supporting one another to maximize your results holistically.

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A Dedicated Team of Analysts & Specialists

Unique to ROI Revolution, our proven team structure revolves around your needs. You receive a pillared approach that’s comprised of a team lead, analysts, and specialists. Specific to our SEO service, the team you regularly work with includes a dedicated technical analyst and a content specialist, with a team lead overseeing all communications and strategy as the primary account manager.

By harnessing the power of this unique team composition, our experts work harmoniously with a shared goal of driving results for your business. With us, you can trust that our experienced, data-driven SEO experts have you covered, from technical to content and everything in between.

Executing Strategy

Opting to outsource SEO has multiple benefits, many of which we’ve already discussed, but having us do the required work for you may be the most beneficial of them all. With our SEO service, you save time and effort so that you can drive world-class results consistently.

We are both the thought leaders and doers you’ll value. We will:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses with sitewide audits
  • Uncover untapped growth opportunities during keyword research
  • Produce well-written, compelling content
  • Assist you in implementing the strategies we recommend

Reporting on Results

At ROI Revolution, we’re fully confident that the work we do is essential to your organic success – and we make sure you understand the “how” and “why” of everything we execute so you’re always assured, as well.

You deserve a partner who not only possesses expertise but is also dedicated to empowering and enlightening you along the way. As SEO experts, we strive to grow your understanding of SEO just the same. That also means transparently sharing with you how effective your current strategy is while also purposefully forecasting for the future.

On any given day or week, you may receive alerts from us about performance changes we see and how we’ll address them. We also hold monthly strategy calls to share recent performance and strategic next steps.

When you outsource SEO at ROI Revolution, you’re never, ever left guessing.

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Tying It All Together: What to Expect When You Outsource SEO

When you win, we win!

Our ultimate objective when you outsource SEO at ROI Revolution is to help you navigate your long-term goals in a way that not only builds brand awareness but also leads to sustainable organic growth for your business for many years to come.

With an expert team of SEO professionals by your side, paired with our level of experience and access to both external and proprietary tools, big things are ahead for your business.

To explore the untapped opportunities your business could discover by outsourcing SEO, send our team a message today!