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The ROI Advantage:
Where Tech Meets Talent

At ROI Revolution, we take technology seriously. We have invested more than 100,000 development hours to build out a robust, comprehensive, and fully customizable suite of digital marketing tools that is as agile and innovative as your brand. Our best-in-class technology helps us work more efficiently and gives us access to deep and meaningful data to drive more profitable results for your brand.

Strategy & Coordination

ROI Revolution Suite - Strategy and Coordination
Passionate teams and powerful technology tuned to your success.

Strategy is at the forefront of everything we do. Our REVOLUTIONSUITE® helps support your brand’s success with holistic ecommerce strategies powered by intelligent cross-platform integrations and insights, including:

  • Strategic Research

    REVOLUTIONSUITE® empowers ROI to conduct in-depth keyword and performance research to uncover new avenues for growth and efficiency for your brand.

  • Budget & Revenue Pacing
    Your team at ROI uses these tools to closely plan, track, and manage your budgets and goals based on historical and seasonal performance.
  • Monitoring & Alerts
    Our technology proactively monitors your account for potential new opportunities or problematic issues and warns of any inconsistencies, allowing the ROI Team to resolve problems early.

Data Storage & Structuring

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Always-on data storage and structuring that you can rely on.

Before you’re able to make smart decisions with your data, you need to be able to aggregate, store, and properly manage it. With REVOLUTIONSUITE®, you gain access to a robust data solution that offers:

  • Data Gathering
    We gather detailed, hard-to-access information about your target audience through custom tools and APIs in a privacy-compliant way.
  • Offline to Online Conversion Analysis
    Integrated call and lead tracking makes it simple to correlate your offline sales to your online channels and maximize their impact on your business.
  • Data Storage Solutions
    REVOLUTIONSUITE®’s data storage solutions help give you a rich understanding of your brand’s long-term campaign performance.

Performance Analysis

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RevolutionSuite Perfomance Analysis
Attain a greater understanding of the “why” behind your data.

Data serves no purpose if you aren’t leveraging it properly. Your brand can rest easy as REVOLUTIONSUITE® processes and analyzes performance data for optimized ad spend and audience segmentation and provides custom reporting. These solutions include:

  • Focused Analysis Tools
    We uncover unique insights through short- and long-term data analysis to exceed your core business objectives.
  • Anomaly Detection
    Automated account health and monitoring to detect unexpected changes in revenue, ad spend, or customer activity to maintain optimal performance.
  • Product Eligibility Reports
    Reporting and insights into product eligibility on Amazon to quickly discover and resolve issues that could impact performance.

Smart AI & Automation

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Where critical thinking meets custom technology.

Your expert team at ROI is supported by smart technology to create the ultimate hybrid intelligence ecosystem for your brand. Our proprietary digital marketing technology leverages automation to make split-second decisions and optimize your account through:

  • Automated Bidding Solutions
    REVOLUTIONSUITE® delivers custom Google, Microsoft, and Amazon bidding solutions optimized toward your ROAS and ACoS goals.
  • Automated Campaign Buildouts
    REVOLUTIONSUITE® supports custom, timely Google and Microsoft campaign building, ensuring your advertising goals are being met.
  • Strategic Partnerships
    Google, Amazon, and Facebook partnerships give you early access to betas and new reporting and analysis tools.

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