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Grows Revenue 33% and 15x’s Clicks With Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads



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Grow Revenue With Sponsored Brands Ads
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The Situation

Burke Brands, an organic coffee company headquartered in Miami, Florida, has always identified its brand with growing coffee. With multiple small-batch coffee roasting and packaging facilities and a state-of-the art cupping lab, Burke Brands prides itself on high-quality coffee and a commitment to freshness. “Amazon had become a full-time job. It was definitely worth it – we could see the return, the sales, and the building of brand equity – but we were learning as we went, and it was not extremely organized.” – Darron Burke, CEO, Burke Brands
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Opportunity Identified

Having a superior product is just one piece of the marketing puzzle. Looking to grow sales and defend their company’s position from its competitors, Burke Brands knew Amazon was only going to continue to grow in relevance and importance. With little digital presence and not being established with Amazon, Burke Brands reached out to ROI Revolution for guidance.

ROI in Action

ROI developed a strategy to reach a previously untapped gold mine of new potential customers who knew what they wanted but didn’t know who to buy it from. Focusing on competitor searches and playing brand defense was critical to the brand’s success on Amazon.
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RevolutionSuite Perfomance Analysis

The ROI team started by identifying the category terms that were successful in Burke Brands’ current ads. Next, the team determined that Sponsored Brands Ads were a great way for Burke Brands to drive customers to their Amazon Store to learn more or make a purchase.

By focusing on highly competitive keywords, Burke Brands was able to reach new customers who were searching broadly for organic coffee but not a particular brand.

Results Achieved

“Overall sales have been growing basically nonstop, every day, every week, and every year.”

Darron Burke

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Most Successful Months Ever on Amazon

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