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Site Speed Improvements Lead to a 53% Boost in Revenue





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Optimize Site Speed to Grow Revenue
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The Situation

Crown & Caliber is the premier buyer and seller of pre-owned luxury watches. Their goal is to provide a risk-free online solution for shoppers to buy and sell watches from over 40 renowned brands. To increase their reach to watch-lovers around the world, they partnered with ROI Revolution for organic traffic optimization.

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Opportunity Identified

Crown & Caliber made several major optimizations to their site while working with the ROI team, but one factor that limited them was their slow site speed – which is a major ranking factor in Google’s mobile-first index. Crown and Caliber’s slow speed negatively impacted their ability to rank for targeted search queries as well as their site’s conversion rate.

ROI in Action

ROI performed a comprehensive site speed audit of Crown & Caliber’s ecommerce website based on Google’s best practices. The ROI team identified and prioritized seven core issues, then worked directly with Crown & Caliber’s marketing and web development teams to remedy each high-priority issue. The teams pored over strategy via phone and video consultations, iterated and tested numerous speed fixes, and shared regular updates on the impact of site changes.

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The ROI team 1) pinpointed code on the site to optimize that would improve page speed without altering site functionality, 2) leveraged Chrome DevTools to analyze product pages, category pages, and the brand’s homepage to discover unused JavaScript and CSS resources, 3) prioritized the most impactful images to optimize based on image compression tools and formats specified by Crown & Caliber, and 4) deployed additional tactics like lazy loading to reduce the impact of images on page load time. The result was an immediate positive impact on page load time.

Results Achieved

Over the course of two months, the website saw an average one second decrease in load time across all pages and a two second decrease in load time on the homepage. These improvement in page load time had an incredible direct impact on primary organic KPIs:

Increase in Organic Traffic
0 %
Lift in Conversion Rates
0 %
Revenue Growth
0 %
Growth in Time on Site
0 %
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Drop in Bounce Rate
0 %

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