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The Situation

One of our clients, a multinational, industry-leading electronics brand, was looking to scale customer acquisition of their high average order value (AOV) products during the busy holiday season across seven countries with different holiday sale periods. To continue that growth, they focused on scaling their display marketing campaigns to increase awareness and reach.

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Opportunity Identified

In the past, the brand struggled to grow revenue profitably during the holidays because their impression share was maxed out from standard Shopping campaigns. To focus on increasing profitable customer acquisition, the brand turned to the experts at ROI Revolution for help. The ROI team leveraged Google Smart Shopping’s machine learning and automation to enhance the success of the brand’s standard Shopping campaigns.

ROI in Action

The ROI team started testing Google Smart Shopping in all eligible countries in early Q3 to give the machine learning time to learn and adapt to the brand’s goals. This way, everything was optimized by the first day of Q4. In October, the ROI team increased bids to start gaining market share during the highly competitive shopping period. The team knew they had to spend strategically to ensure the budget was distributed effectively for all of the countries’ cyber holidays. Equipped with Q3 insights from Smart Shopping’s customer audience data, the brand’s ads were put in front of the right consumers when they had the highest intent to buy.

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Results Achieved

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