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Various kitchen appliances including iron, toaster oven, blender, coffee maker, water filter, and more.

The Situation

One of ROI Revolution’s clients, an online retailer of products for bath, kitchen, and home, was looking to grow their ecommerce revenue. With a huge product catalog and one of the fastest growing businesses in America, there was an immediate opportunity to optimize their digital advertising strategy.

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Opportunity Identified

As an online-only retailer, the business was continually looking to expand their presence in the competitive home appliances industry. They partnered with ROI Revolution to grow their ecommerce sales.

After analyzing the account, ROI analysts saw an opportunity for long-term revenue growth and higher conversion rates with Bing Shopping. With a focus on big picture success as opposed to quick wins, the team was dedicated to continuous improvement and ongoing profitable brand growth.

The brand’s account structure needed to be scaled. Initially, their account had just a single category campaign, which left the business in the dark and made it difficult to track high-performing products. The reporting was not specific enough for the business to grow its KPIs. Working with ROI would be key to the brand’s scalable and profitable growth.

ROI in Action

ROI created a more elaborate account structure with multiple campaigns for different product categories. The ROI team broke down the entire product catalog into campaign themes, segmented accordingly, and optimized the ad copy.

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RevolutionSuite Perfomance Analysis

ROI’s proprietary RevolutionSuite technology allowed the team to understand how the product categories were driving revenue and to adjust bids accordingly. Using RevolutionSuite, the ROI team communicated directly with Microsoft (Bing) Ads and Google Analytics to quickly pull and analyze reports with granular data on total conversion value, which wasn’t available in Google Analytics alone.

Results Achieved

Revenue Growth YoY
0 %
In Microsoft Ad Revenue for the First Time
$ 0 Million
Conversion Rate Growth
0 %

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