Case Study: Military Lifestyle Apparel Brand

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The Situation

A brand that sells military-themed apparel for veterans, active duty members, and other military-affiliated individuals was looking for profitable growth online. With T-shirts a primary driver of revenue, the brand specifically wanted to increase sales on other products – especially after facing inventory issues since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The brand turned to the experts at ROI Revolution to uncover profitable growth opportunities.
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Opportunity Identified

After utilizing our proprietary RevolutionSuite technology to analyze product performance data at the SKU level, the brand’s ROI team detected an exciting opportunity to target new audiences and increase reach. ROI determined that Zero Foxtrot could increase overall impressions and high-quality clicks by optimizing titles in the brand’s product feed.

ROI in Action

The Product Feeds and Paid Search Teams at ROI Revolution collaborated to restructure titles on the brand’s hoodies, right in time for Cyber 5 seasonality. ROI incorporated more details into the product titles and updated existing terminology to reach more customers.
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Results Achieved

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Increase in Impressions
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