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The Situation

Premium lifestyle apparel brand Peter Millar was founded in 2001 with a single cashmere sweater. Today, the brand sells luxury performance sportswear and high-end apparel and accessories online and at specialty retail stores across the globe.

Peter Millar partnered with ROI Revolution to improve their overall website experience and convert more new customers who were interacting with the brand for the first time.

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Opportunity Identified

ROI identified over a dozen opportunities to optimize the brand’s webpage and fix items that were restricting the brand’s conversion rates. The ROI team developed a strategy to help Peter Millar reduce user search frustrations, increase overall site credibility, and emphasize unique selling points, all while working within the brand’s image.

ROI in Action

The team identified ideas to test and strategically organized their core hypotheses into three main groups, each with primary subtests.

  1. Increase the prominence of unique selling points.
    • Add prominent messaging about in-stock items and next-day shipping to product display pages. Result: 4.14% conversion rate lift.
    • Tell shoppers about free shipping sooner in the funnel. Result: 3.67% conversion rate lift.
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  1. Increase the prominence of important product information.
    • Put price at the top of mobile product listing pages, increase the font size, and change the color. Result: 5.7% conversion rate lift.
    • Test four variations of the clothing size chart to make it more prominent and reduce customer anxiety. Result: 11.72% conversion rate lift.
    • Add collection names to the product listing page on all devices to increase clarity. Result: 7.49% conversion rate lift.
  1. Decrease unnecessary clicks and interactions.
    • Optimize the filter function on desktop to make it easier to use. Result: 5.42% conversion rate lift.
    • Add a login icon to the page header for mobile to make logging in easier for users. Result: 5.42% conversion rate lift.

Results Achieved

Sitewide Conversion Rate Growth
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