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Cross-Channel Case Study

Sporting Goods Brand Grows Ecommerce Revenue With Performance Max & UX Optimization  

Results Achieved

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A major sporting goods brand worked closely with ROI Revolution’s experts in paid search, product feeds, and website optimization to achieve a smooth and successful holistic strategy in the face of economic uncertainty 

The benefits your business gains from having a cross-channel team are clear: 

  • A cohesive digital strategy with cross-channel experts who collaborate closely to help you achieve your core business objectives.
  • A powerful partnership and a strong single point of communication.   
  • The ability to easily engage with a friendly agency team and provide candid feedback. 

The Situation

A premier sporting goods brand was looking to grow ecommerce revenue across domains through a cutting-edge, data-driven strategy. US economic conditions were causing reduced demand and excess inventory, posing a challenge: How could the business continue to increase revenue and acquire new customers amidst economic fluctuations 

Opportunity Identified

The brand’s dedicated team at ROI Revolution proactively coordinated a thorough quarterly business review (QBR) to align on priorities to achieve the brand’s marketing goals: 

  • Double online revenue YoY  
  • Activate growth and customer lifetime value (CLTV) 
  • Uncover opportunities to scale internationally 

Together with a digital advisor, ROI Revolution’s team of experts in paid search, product feeds, and user experience (UX) collaborated on a cross-channel strategy for the brand to optimize the company’s ad spend, enhance user experience on their website, and grow CLTV. 

ROI in Action

ROI Revolution got on the phone with stakeholders and decision-makers at the business for a 90-minute QBR to discuss challenges, wins, feedback, and strategy. The QBR revealed how crucial it would be to focus on high-priority products, target the ideal client persona, and be on the cutting edge of testing.  

Performance Max (PMax), branded search, and dynamic Display ads became the primary targets of the paid search strategy to drive profitable growth. The strategy would be supported by highly optimized product feeds to ensure a strong foundation. A conversion rate optimization audit and strategy was also executed to elevate the site’s UX to grow CLTV. 

The strategy was implemented during Cyber 5, and the business had their most successful Cyber 5 weekend in company history! Total site revenue was up 135% YoY, with paid search revenue up 182% at an 87% higher YoY conversion rate. Halfway through the following quarter, ecommerce revenue continued to see yearly growth, with a 43% increase in total site revenue.  

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Cross-Channel Case Study Recap

Like many businesses across various industries, this business was looking to profitably grow ecommerce revenue and acquire new customers across domains in the midst of US economic fluctuations. The teams leveraged a thorough cross-channel strategy to optimize ad spend to catalyze year-over-year growth.  

The business was able to:

  • Increase total site revenue by 135% 
  • Increase paid search ad revenue by 182% 
  • Increase conversion rates by 87% 






Sporting Goods (B2C)


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PMax, Product Feeds, & Website Optimization



Grow Ecommerce Revenue Across Multiple Domains

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