The Digital Search Duopoly

Optimizing Your Paid & Organic Channels

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Driving more qualified traffic to your website is the ultimate goal of any successful advertiser. The challenge brands face now is: How do you draw in your target audience amidst stiff competition, an unpredictable digital landscape, and a world in turmoil?

Enter paid and organic search: the digital duopoly for audience acquisition that can transform your brand into an industry-leading force. To help you make the most of your paid and organic efforts, we’ve partnered with the experts at Digital Commerce 360 to show you strategic insights to optimize and strengthen both channels in this on-demand video.

In this video replay, you’ll uncover:

  • Underutilized PPC customer acquisition strategies to increase revenue at a profitable return.
  • The hidden levers to SEO domination and the metrics to effectively track and monitor your performance.
  • How to marry paid & organic into a seamless, holistic experience to aggressively reach your target audience.
  • Strategies to secure screen real estate on both mobile and desktop search.
  • Client success stories from brands just like yours showcasing the tremendous impact of a paid + organic advertising strategy.
  • Expert insights from Don Davis, Editor at Large for Digital Commerce 360, on the state of paid and organic search and how the Digital Commerce 360 Top 1000 is adapting.

It’s time to take your SEO and PPC efforts to the next level. Watch the video today!