Navigating GA4 Reports and Explorations

Do you feel confident about the transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? While GA4 offers many exciting new customizations, learning how to navigate an entirely new platform can easily become overwhelming – especially when the insights from the data are crucial to your organization.   

In this webinar replay, our GA4-certified experts will walk you through navigating and customizing the new interface so that you can easily surface the most important insights for your business. After watching, you’ll know how to:  

  • Edit existing report structures to fit your unique needs  
  • Build new custom reports & dashboards to support different roles within your organization 
  • Analyze data in detail with Explorations 

When you know how to leverage GA4 to its full potential, you can gain valuable new insights and drive your business forward with data-informed decisions. Watch this webinar replay now so that you feel ready for the July 1st transition.