The State of Digital Marketing

Ecommerce is transforming rapidly. In today’s dynamic marketing landscape, the key to efficiently generating revenue is to truly understand the landscape where your brand lives.

To give you that understanding, we surveyed 170+ digital marketing professionals about the trends, obstacles, and opportunities that are top-of-mind for their brand right now. In this webinar video replay, you’ll get a close-up look at the data with insightful graphs, analysis, and insights that provide a clear picture of ecommerce today. We reveal answers to questions like:

  • What ecommerce trends are most top-of-mind for industry-leading brands?
  • What is the biggest marketing priority for decision-makers in 2022?
  • How do the top initiatives vary between industries, job roles, and annual revenue?
  • How is supply chain strain impacting verticals like apparel, home goods, & electronics?

Gain the clarity your brand needs to have a successful ecommerce journey this year and beyond. Watch the video today.