Walmart Advertising 101

Success Strategies on the Largest US Retail Website

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With 160 million customers visiting Walmart stores or each week, Walmart is the largest retailer in the US. How can your brand capitalize on the platform that’s becoming a dominant competitor in both in-store and online retail? 

Watch this on-demand video to unearth advertising strategies brands like yours are using to sell more products on this emerging digital channel. You’ll uncover insights like:

  • How to influence and engage Walmart shoppers at every step of their buyer’s journey
  • How to reach the 90% of Americans who shop at Walmart and inspire them to purchase from your brand
  • Optimization strategies for the 3 key ad placements within Walmart Sponsored Products 
  • Walmart and Amazon bidding and budget nuances and how your strategy should differ on each 
  • The hidden secrets to automatic and manual ad campaign targeting for optimal performance

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