Path to Purchase: The 2018 Holiday Guide

An Illustrated Tale of Ecommerce Strategy for the Holiday Customer Journey

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The path to a sale has never been more challenging for brands and retailers. Consumers require as many as 10+ touchpoints before making a purchase. So how do you stand out amidst a sea of competition and hyperactive consumers? How do you earn Q4 sales when purchase intent skyrockets, and customer loyalty takes a back seat to impulse buying?

This essential holiday guidebook aims to answer your burning Q4 ecommerce questions by taking you through a consumer’s path to purchase, from summer all the way through to New Year’s. In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Unique strategies that shortcut the consideration timeline and attract new customers.
  • How to match your message to the varying purchase intent of each milestone in the customer journey.
  • Frequently neglected tactics that can optimize your ad campaigns across Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Get this time-sensitive guide today and get on the path to Q4 domination.

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