The 2020 Facebook Full-Funnel Report

Data + Insights for Social Media Advertising Success

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This white paper has been updated to give you the most current information! Download our Full-Funnel Meta Report here.


Too often, businesses focus solely on increasing conversions and bottom-of-funnel tactics that lead to a sale while ignoring brand awareness, reach, and engagement. Focusing solely on last-touch attribution is a recipe for failure. So how do you align your brand’s growth goals with a multi-channel advertising approach at all stages of the buyer’s journey?

In this executive report, we’ll guide you through a full-funnel approach to Facebook advertising, offering key insights, strategies, and metrics to help define your success and grow your brand profitably. You’ll uncover:

  • How both awareness and direct response ads fuel your brand and nurture consumers to a sale.
  • The four platforms of Facebook and the unique strategies to maximize value on each one.
  • Game-changing insights around multi-touch attribution that lead to increased traffic and more satisfied customers.

It’s time to grow your brand profitably with Facebook. Claim your copy of this report today.

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