The 2016 Mobile-First Manifesto

Exploit the Rising Opportunities: Amazon Sponsored Products, Facebook Ads, & Google Shopping

More than half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. If you aren’t already utilizing a solid mobile strategy, your business risks being left in the digital dust.

Mobile has risen far beyond a mere add-on strategy. Based on an analysis of $300MM in ecommerce ad spend, this report uncovers the top mobile opportunities in Google Shopping, Amazon Sponsored Products, & Facebook Ads.

Read this report to discover:

  • Why the current stagnant performance of desktop traffic reveals an even shakier future.
  • How to exploit a little-understood Amazon Marketplace opportunity to boost your percentage of Buy Box wins.
  • The Facebook ad format that’s killing it for retailers.

Download this report now to advance your mobile footing in a post-desktop world.

Hand holding mobile phone with icons all around.