A Guide & Checklist to Maximize Your Prime Day Potential 

Many marketers make the mistake of thinking that Prime Day is a two-day event. But the most successful marketers realize that Prime Day is a six- to eight-week event, with a strategy that spans all the way from brand awareness to remarketing.  

In this white paper, you’ll unlock the secrets to laying a strong foundation and exceeding your sales goals this Prime Day, including: 

  • A clear checklist of what to accomplish before, during, and after the event for full-funnel success 
  • Lead-in strategies that will prime customers to buy from your brand when the big day comes 
  • Industry-specific tips to strategically plan your budget across the two days of Prime Day 

Every digital marketer wants a successful Prime Day, but for most, the path to get there is full of uncertainty. Download the white paper to maximize your brand’s full potential this Prime Day. 

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